Daria Pynzar impossible to know

Дарью Пынзарь невозможно узнать
The star of “House-2” Daria Pynzar posted a black-and-white photo.

Дарью Пынзарь невозможно узнать

In the photos Daria sealed with makeup “cat eyes”, collected hair and large earrings.

Fans are very surprised by the image that is recreated in the picture. Many fans are hardly recognized in him the young mother. All used to seeing Daria in the usual way, with flowing hair and minimal makeup.

Daria Pynzar signed the following: “Good morning! Like to be a woman for many reasons, but especially for the opportunity to be different. Thank you for such gorgeous pictures”.

“Daria, be yourself! Looks not natural when a person is of itself something represents. Someone like…” “Oh, Dasha, who is this? I can’t understand you or you have an older sister? As the quite there otherwise look, if you…”, “Like Dana Borisov. Or this is it?”,”Like the heroine of the film “mockingjay”, “Not found! Dashulka, you very well when hair is collected. Completely different!”, “Daria, you’re here to remind Elina Kamiren. Stay yourself, you’re so beautiful and the best!”, “Much has changed, of course. Here is a Topic you like Or don’t understand even someone like me, Similar with Olesya Ermakova from “the Bachelor” in this photo,” commented a photo of fans.

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