Daria Pynzar I came for the first trip with your baby

Дарья Пынзарь вышла на первую прогулку с малышом A young mother intends to move more quickly to get back in shape. Daria Pynzar happy to share with fans the joys of motherhood, telling details about the first days of life of her newborn son David.

      Дарья Пынзарь вышла на первую прогулку с малышом

      Ex-participant of “House-2” Daria Pynzar, which may 15, I became twice a mother, giving to his beloved spouse of the son of David, in these days, enjoy the happiness that brings to life women newborn baby. All these days in the family of the former members of telestroke Daria Pynzar and her husband Sergei is the first time.

      Yesterday, for example, a family of Panzara went for the first walk with the little David. “First walk,” reads the caption in the microblog Daria Pynzar under the photo, which she sealed with a stroller. – David sleeps, the Theme in English, mom and dad go walking and think that lose weight”. However, as said Daria, kilos during the pregnancy, she had practically disappeared – the young mother closes all of her clothes that she wore before waiting for a baby.

      Daria Pynzar: “From pain during labor saved me a hammock”

      A little later the parents joined in and David’s older brother Theme. Mom and dad entrusted him with the stroller, thus attempting to integrate the first son in the process of raising the second, believing that this technique will allow us to avoid jealousy from the older child.

      Дарья Пынзарь вышла на первую прогулку с малышом

      Speaking about the first events in the life of little David, it is worth noting that the baby has already managed to go as centerfolds. Daria Pynzar arranged for the son photoset, having invited home photographer, specializing in images involving newborns. One of the most moving fps shooting Dasha published in the microblogging, causing a real attack of emotion among his loyal fans.

      “My tenderness for the rest of our lives, will never forget the smell of my mackusick”, signed Daria Pynzar a picture with newborn son David.

      We will remind, last Wednesday Daria Pynzar with the baby was discharged from a prestigious clinic, where was born their second with her husband Sergei and son David. Daria admitted that childbirth was easy enough. But in order to ease the pain during labor, the young mother used the most common hammock. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” have very carefully prepared for childbirth. As an experienced mother, she remembered the most important moments of the first pregnancy, therefore more relaxed attitude to everything that happened during the birth of her second son.

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