Дарья Пынзарь с трудом сбрасывает лишний вес The star of “House-2” not always exerts a force of will. Daria Pynzar trying to pull myself together, because she’s seriously trying to bring himself back to normal after childbirth. She became a mother for the second time in mid-may.

      Дарья Пынзарь с трудом сбрасывает лишний вес

      Daria Pynzar leads an active lifestyle. She’s got almost no time to rest, because now she is a mother of two children. However, the star of “House-2” it does not upset. On the contrary, she finds time for sports. After all, she wants to get in shape after childbirth.

      In order to support his wife, Sergey Pynzar joined her and now they work together under the guidance of coach towards their goal. The couple decided to share with fans his experience of loss, so they became participants in the project “Wedding size”, the new season which starts already in early autumn on channel Dомашний.

      Despite the fact that Daria is trying to implement all the recommendations of nutritionists, her weight goes to work. Pynzar admits that she’s not always possible to exercise willpower. However, she is sure to achieve excellent results.

      “To me it is too early to Dole out advice, I got rid of a few pounds after childbirth. But the secret to the success of any weight loss – less excuses and more action! As you would not have been difficult as you would not want to eat a delicious slice of pizza or a chocolate bar, just seal his mouth with duct tape and carried to the nearest gym. I try to follow this rule, but not always”, – says Daria “StarHit”.

      Interestingly, unlike many other stars of “House-2” Pynzar did not hide his true weight. She also does not use photoshop and other applications to create visual effects when you publish a photo in his microblog. Daria is convinced that her example will help other young mothers.

      Daria and Sergey Pinzari: “Everything bad we have learned from each other”

      “You come in the social network, and where the entire tape is full of repetitive photos, often in reality, people don’t always look the same. In fact, we all have a physiology, which is not going anywhere. It is necessary to say, is a natural process – we get fat, lose weight, – says Pynzar. Now, after giving birth, I weigh almost 57 kilograms with growth of 165 cm. plus I breastfeed the baby, so I need to pay more attention to his weight loss that the milk is not lost, so as not to harm the body. So I decided to take part in the project “Wedding size” at the end of which I hope to reach a weight of 50 pounds. Serge supported me, and I will support him.”

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