Daria Pynzar going to stay and live in Turkey

Дарья Пынзарь собирается остаться жить в Турции
Former member of the home country telestroke Daria Pynzar loves to travel and now with his family is in Turkey.

Дарья Пынзарь собирается остаться жить в Турции

According to Daria, she’s just in love with this country and even think about how to find housing there. For vacation family chose Alanya and enjoys the local climate.

Дарья Пынзарь собирается остаться жить в Турции

“While we do not decide for sure whether to stay or not, and we are now making apartments planned purchase. Sergey arrive and decide exactly. Why Alania? Because it’s incredibly beautiful, is the southern part of Turkey and it’s warm all year round. The town is small and is located on the coast. On the one hand the sea, on the other mountains and rivers. Similar places I have ever seen. To say beautiful is to say nothing, then, incredible.

Local people are all positive and almost all speak Russian, so language barrier is not felt. And a lot of Russian a lot of young Russian mothers with children, so no company to be no option. Attitude towards children here is just unreal. Local love children, always help, which of course at first it was amazing and it even alarmed, we have, unfortunately, no,” said the woman.

Daria said that her son Artem even started attending the local kindergarten. But according to fans, Pynzar change your mind, as soon as it begins the tourist season.

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