Дарью Пынзарь осудили за вульгарный купальник Fans found that the young mom is dressed inappropriately. Daria Pynzar, demonstrating the gorgeous figure, provoked a barrage of preachy comments in his address. The star of “House-2” comfortable with the fact that her behavior is always being criticized.

      One of the most striking ex-participants of the project “House-2” Daria Pynzar often becomes the topic of heated discussions in his own microblog. The fans that love to teach young mother’s life, often giving her advice on how to behave and criticized for demeanor and dress. Daria Pynzar was convicted hot dance in night club

      This time Daria Pynzar and got unsuccessful, in the opinion of its subscribers, swimsuit. Family Pintara with friends last Saturday, out on a picnic, and Daria in the microblogging published a short video in which she demonstrates the process of cooking kebabs conjuring the grill. Dressed star was for the weather, namely, in a swimsuit, which caused a flurry of outraged comments. Followers Daria found that it was too vulgar and more like lingerie than a costume for beach access.

      “Oh, my. Bust something!”, “Swimsuit nightmare”, “a woman of easy virtue”, “dash, you have a swimsuit-like lingerie for porn,” 18+”, “Really, such a sweet, beautiful dochula and swimsuit vulgar”, “Dora, the husband scolds for such revealing outfits?”, “All for show! The girl needs to be at least some mystery” – share their impressions of the followers of Darya Pynzar.

      I must say that the haters this time just suffered. Along the way, the beautiful blonde and got hair extensions, and not too pronounced waist. In defense of the mother’s two children spoke only a few subscribers. “People, stop demonizing, that’s gross. Dasha lovely and body and soul. How can such nasty things to write,” he tried to stop the flow of angry comments, one of the girls. But it is not very listened to.

      The star herself has left the statements of the detractors without attention, deciding not to join with them in discussion. Apparently, Daria Pynzar already decided not to take to heart all that is written in her address. She enjoys life, motherhood, bathed in the love of husband and actively page on Instagram, which enjoys great popularity among fans of “House-2”. Daria tells not only of his life but tries to have her micro-blog has been useful for the readers. Daria Pynzar teaches women’s right to breastfeed

      She often shares his observations, gives tips on how to keep the love in the family and to build a relationship with the mother of her husband.

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