Daria “nookie” Stavrovich criticized the show “the Voice”

Дария «Нуки» Ставрович раскритиковала шоу «Голос» A rock singer is glad that I became one of the participants of the program. Darius Stavrovich impressed the jury with its unusual songs. The artist chose as a mentor Grigory Leps, which does not limit her in the choice of songs and scenic images.

      Дария «Нуки» Ставрович раскритиковала шоу «Голос»

      The emergence of Darius Stavrovich, which is known as a singer under the pseudonym of “Nuka” on the popular TV show “the Voice” has caused many discussions. Girl for nine years working in the alternative rock group “Slot”. Despite the fact that all members of the jury wanted to see the artist in their team, she preferred to Grigory Leps. Stavrovich not going to change the style and like most viewers, as it believes that the project “Voice” needs to be a variety of musicians.

      “It is pop, because people come in there and sing pop! They really love it. In the nature! No one else imposes. Television has grown the gray mass of people who themselves were virtually all is to love, because they had been shown. And I think that in some point of the First channel, having heard of the show “the Voice”, I realized that all the same, grey. And decided to give the nod to such a freak like me,” frankly said the member of the TV show.
      Дария «Нуки» Ставрович раскритиковала шоу «Голос»

      The artist herself has never watched “the Voice”, so to audition brought her colleagues in the group “Slot”. As a teenager, Darius realized that he wants to sing that rock music. She believes that it is innate.

      “My voice, tone, way of speaking, like singing is something innate. And alternative rock just happened, he brought me, not possible that could be something else, but also from this direction. In 15 years I suspected that, perhaps, this is mine”, – told Stavrovich “StarHit”.

      Darius is glad that her mentor was Grigory Leps. Despite the fact that it respects each member of the jury, however, is not as able to work under their authority. Darius is pleased that the Leps are not trying to change it and dictates strict conditions. Stavrovich told “StarHit” that is not going to fit any frame, and wants to convey to a wide audience of rock music. And I’m sure it is with the Leps, it will be able to achieve this. Daria “nookie” Stavrovich: “I had one goal – to ensure Leps turned”

      “He’s not himself from trying to build something. Leps real, I thought, and still, by the way, it seems”, said Stavrovich in an interview with Life.