Daria “nookie” Stavrovich abandons the victory in “the Voice”

Дария «Нуки» Ставрович отказывается от победы в «Голосе» Participant of the popular project believes that her music will gain a large amount of audience votes. Darius Stavrovich, known under the name Nuka, will compete in the semifinals with panajotovym from his team. The actress admitted to being a bit tired from the show.

      One of the most eccentric contestants of the fifth season of the popular project “the Voice” Darius Stavrovich, known under the name “Nuka”, this coming Friday will compete for qualification to the final show. However, the soloist of the rock group “Slot” does not seek victory. Ward of Grigory Leps justifies this by the fact that he didn’t want too much popularity of her music and understands that the audience won’t give her most of their votes. In the semifinals she will face another favorite this season is Alexander by panajotovym. According to the girl, her rival also is not eager to take first place.

      “Victory imposes certain obligations. And wrong if the majority of Russians will vote for my music! This will negate all that I’ve done for the past ten years. The underground should not become popular on the underground. And, by the way, not only do I not want to win, Panayotov said the same thing, for example”, – frankly said Darius.

      The singer has admitted that he is very happy to work under supervision of Grigory Leps. According to her, the mentor does not impose her your opinion, and gives you the opportunity to do what she wants, and only forwards it. It does not set itself any limits, preferring to be myself. Darius admitted he was not seeking to please the public.

      Daria “nookie” Stavrovich: “I had one goal – to ensure Leps turned”

      His appearance on the Darius project had one goal – to introduce a wider audience to rock music. Unlike some other musicians, already known to audiences for different projects, for Stavrovich “the Voice” – the first competition in which it participates. The singer has said she never watched the previous seasons, so did not know how to pass the stages of the show. The actress admits that now she is a little tired of the project.

      “I caught myself thinking that this whole marathon started to get to me. Lately I’ve been talking about music a lot more than doing it. And I want the opposite. There was a situation when I increased interest, many people are interested in my opinion, but I treat it with irony, I want to quickly let go,” said Stavrovich in an interview with “Telenedelya”.