Дарья Мороз продает элитный внедорожник
The actress decided to leave three year old “friend”.

Дарья Мороз продает элитный внедорожник

Daria Moroz

Photo: Social networks

Daria Moroz sells his car — luxury SUV
The Mercedes, which the actress bought three years ago. Like many other stars,
Daria decided to commit a good deal using the social network. On
personal page she has posted the following announcement: “I’m breaking up with her
a beautiful 3-year-old friend! Diesel! Give in good hands!” Also the actress
pointed out where you can see the car.

This is often how celebrities break up with their
things: fortunately, followers who dream to buy a star car, abound.
However, there is one caveat —the artists have to filter a lot of spam, since leaving the
a comment not related to the subject under discussion, or a joke
on the subject of the sale, some Internet users just love.

For example, Gosha Kutsenko, selling one of their cars —
yellow Mustang almost “drowned” in such reviews. “Take freely.”
“Take for free”. “I have old Lada at him with surcharge”,
commented on fans of its publication. Gosh, but did not lose hope and
he was absolutely right. An hour later, the page in his microblog turned
the real auction. As a result, discussion will be saleable more than half a
million rubles.

Photo: Social networks