Дарья Мороз рассталась с мужем
Actress and Director Konstantin Bogomolov for a long time live separately.

Daria Moroz and Konstantin Bogomolov

Photo: Instagram

one of the most exciting unions of the Russian cinema: the actress Daria Moroz
and the Director Konstantin Bogomolov commented on his divorce.

Daria and 42-year-old Constantine was together for about eight years. The couple
daughter Anna who was born in September 2010. However, recently appeared
information about the fact that their relationship is not all smooth. They do not go together
light, social networking has become less common pictures and in real life at all
say that Daria and Konstantin left.

“The rumors about their
divorce go before last fall. There passion has long gone. Bogomolov
long time leaving in the trip. Works both in Russia and in Europe. Dasha
complained to friends that his career comes first. They, most likely, and
don’t live together. Moving in and out of theater are always separated. Did
officially divorce — no one knows. But because they have such a more point: they have
daughter who just loves Bogomolov” — quoted close to the couple person

She Daria Moroz, communicating with the correspondent of the portal Eg.ru that was terse, referring
the lack of free time: “Divorce… For five minutes about it
will tell”. Spouse Darya from the direct answer is also gone. Bogomolov started
philosophical arguments about the crises in family life. The question
why is he last time appears in the public one, the Director, briefly
said, “it happened”.