Дарья Клюкина объяснила, почему вернулась в шоу «Холостяк» Part of the model project has generated heated discussions online. Some viewers have accused Darya Klucina the desire to be promoted at the expense of “the Bachelor.” Earlier the girl tried to Woo actor Elijah Glinnikov.
Дарья Клюкина объяснила, почему вернулась в шоу «Холостяк»

Last weekend the premiere of the new “the Bachelor” Egor Creed. One of the contenders for the heart star became a 23-year-old Daria Klyukina from the Sverdlovsk region who participated in the fifth season of the show. At the time the model turned out to win over Ilya Glinnikov, but after a bye in one of the restaurants in Sochi she left the project. Daria stated that he sees a future together with the actor.

When Klyukina again became a member of “the Bachelor,” many viewers were surprised. They felt that Daria just draws attention to itself and not trying to find love on the project. To dot the “i”, the girl decided to record a video message in which he revealed the reasons for his action.

“I know what is coming. And, of course, ready for anything. I have long doubted, to go to me for the second time on the project. Still, I choose to take a risk, to do and nothing to regret. Of course, I’m worried. But why talk about it? Know I someone will not believe and will write what I came for their goals… But also will be those who will support me. And I know girl I won’t be happy. I will be able to stand up for themselves, and in insult I will not let anyone” – said the model.

Daria also compared the sixth and the fifth season of the project. According to the girl, show her a lot gave. The model does not exclude that can meet your second half on the set.

“Last year the project became my school of life. That is happening with me, I look completely different. I believe that I can fall in love”, – told the participants of “the Bachelor.”

Fans of Daria hastened to support it. They told the models not to pay attention to the comments of spiteful critics. After reviewing the response of the fans, Klyukina thanked them for their kind words.

“I read all your feedback, and I care about what you say and think. Thank you to all those who are not attacked in the comments. Anyone who respects the choice and the position of the other person, not condemns, and analyzes in the first place their actions. Pay attention to the fact that you broadcast to other people and the world as a whole, everything is interconnected. Good to you” – with these words the girl turned to users of social networks.

Apparently, Daria was impressed with Yegor creed strong impression. The contractor was so impressed when I met a model that gave her the first rose without a word.