Дарья Клюкина на самом деле встречается с миллионером?
TV star suspected in affair with a wealthy man.

Daria Klyukina

Photo: @Instagram klyukina_d Daria Lukinoj

Three days ago, Daria Klyukina flew to Italy. Leave the winner of “the Bachelor”
holds the yacht in the company of friends and mom. In any case, so says
Daria herself. But fans suspect that along with the rest Lukinoj a
the mysterious beloved.

The Network has long been rumors that Daria after the final project
twisted new novel. And before netizens found that indirect
confirm. In one of the online ethers girlfriend filmed Lukino in the company of men (as
I think fans of the yacht’s owner, which is her boyfriend). The video was soon
removed from social networks, which further piques the interest of fans to the intrigue.

Daria turned to the subscribers asking them not to trespass it
personal life. “The withdrawal of the last days — show me what you’re good at, some not
to cope with their demons and will to write fiction.Thanks to those who
respectful of my life who supports and loves, I know you
more!” — wrote Klyukina.

By the way, from the ending of the TV show Daria was only seen in
company Yegor creed. Recall that at the end of “the Bachelor,” the singer made Lukinoj offer and was awarded the coveted ring.