Daria Kanawha stood up for the winner of “the Bachelor”

Дарья Канануха вступилась за победительницу «Холостяка» Former member of the Dating show decided to share my opinion about the outcome of the last season of the project. According to Daria Kaneohe, the winner of the Ekaterina Nikulina excelled in tactics and approaches, so the hero chose her.

Last weekend ended the fifth season of the show “the Bachelor” won the Ekaterina Nikulina. In the final series of the fight was very tense. It would seem that Ilya Glinnikov could easily choose her rival – Mademu Tambu. After all, she’s pretty, smart, and also her final date with the bachelor was at the highest level.

Former member of the project Daria Kanawha won in the third season, agreed to comment on the results of the transfer. The girl is very sorry Madina, as it was worthy of victory.

Why “the bachelor” Ilya Glinnikov chose Catherine Nikulin

“Then Kate jumps with surprise, “it would be better just by the fireplace sat”. Well, very funny collapse, but from the outset it was clear that she makes the bachelor more emotion than all the girls combined. And here, very worthy of the word Madina, so honestly and sincerely. But obviously hurt the girl deeply, I didn’t expect it. Caucasian roots leaped and from this reaction. Huge respect for such restraint. I’d israelas all” – shared Kanawha.

From the beginning of the reality show Nikulin was active signs of attention to Ilya, trying to impress him with her daring and desperate actions. In one series, she climbed the roof of the train, just to be in with Ilya and hold his hand.

“Katya is doing great! Put the squeeze on the guy! Beautiful words, the right tactic, and besides, I must admit, Catherine is very pretty! Now you great strength and patience to withstand all the negative haters and Madame, who know better than the bachelor, whom he had to choose. Hold on!” said Daria.

She Nikulina argued that Glinnikov made an impression on her even when they first met. According to the girl she saw in Elijah a man with an extraordinary soul. “His views on the world and beliefs were similar to mine. I found him a companion, a soul mate, a man with a capital letter,” said Kate before the finale.

Apparently, in the near future Glinnikov Nikulina and get married. Star of TV series “Interns” believes that it will make a worthy wife, as Catherine never told the truth and behaved with dignity. Ilya Glinnikov wants to marry the winner of the show “the Bachelor”