Daria Kanawha preparing for the wedding

Дарья Канануха готовится к свадьбе The winner of “the Bachelor” trying on the outfit of the bride. Daria Kanawha held a rehearsal wedding makeup. The identity of the chosen one, the girl carefully hides from the public.

      Дарья Канануха готовится к свадьбе

      Looks like Daria Kanawha preparing for the most important event in his life. Fans of “the Bachelor” and failed to see the girl at the registry office arm in arm with the hero of last season by Timur Batrutdinova. The winner of the show met some time after filming with the famous showman, but then their relationship ended. However, Daria did not have long to grieve in solitude.

      In the life of Kaneohe has a new Beau, which made the girl happy. The identity of the new darling Daria carefully hides from the public. Apparently, she doesn’t want to repeat the experience with Batrutdinova when their every move was watched by thousands of people.

      After participating in the show “the Bachelor” account of Kaneohe in Instagram has become very popular. So now she prudently hides her face by her boyfriend in funny masks. So, on one of the photos which she recently published, the man posing in the form of a bear.

      Apparently, Daria was already dreaming of a developing relationship with a mysterious man. Having been one of the masters of makeup in her native Kazan, the girl shared the result of the rehearsal, wedding make-up. “I learned about the trends in wedding makeup! Made a trial. In my opinion, magical” – she wrote in his microblog. Fans of Kaneohe we can only guess whether she really made an offer hands and hearts or is it just her dreams.

      Meanwhile, in a recent interview with “StarHit” Daria told myself, what’s going on in her personal life.

      “I’m not ready to comment on this topic is very personal,” explains Kanawha. – To be honest, I never thought paparazzi was still so closely follow my life! Yes, this is my boyfriend, but he really wants to stay incognito, that’s her right. I can say one thing: I’m really happy. As soon as I’m ready to say something, you do it yourself photos and provide not because of the angle.

      Daria Kaneohe: “I did everything for the relationship and Batrutdinova”

      Recall that Daria was the winner of the third season of the show “the Bachelor.” The hero of the program Timur Batrutdinov in the final I chose it. Fans vainly hoped that the showman finally found his big love, and marriage. The pair met some time after the end of the project, but then announced the separation.

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