Дарья Канануха перестала скрывать лицо жениха The winner of the show “the Bachelor” posted a touching selfie with the chosen one. After a failed attempt to create an Alliance with Timur by Batrutdinova the girl found solace in the arms of another man.

      For the third season of the show “the Bachelor” viewers breathlessly watched the development of relations Daria Kaneohe and Timur Batrutdinova, who was the main hero of the program. The girl immediately attracted the attention of impressive showman. It was rumored that between lovers during the shooting even occurred intimacy, but couple this fact is not confirmed.

      A few months after the end of the show and the rupture of relations with Batrutdinova Kananoja found a new love. Apparently, this young man from Kazan, where she lives herself. More about it knew nothing, besides, Daria herself was hiding the elect. She published photos of men on which his face was covered with photo editors.

      Finally, the finalist of “the Bachelor” fans, showing how still looks the one for whom she might marry. And the signs of a quick wedding Kananoja repeatedly made in his microblog.

      Despite this, some members of the girl still regret that her affair with Batrutdinova did not happen.

      Daria Kanawha preparing for the wedding

      However, with Timur Daria has preserved cordial relations. Girl for a long time after the end of the project continued to talk with the hero of the show. However, their friendship never blossomed into love. But Batrutdinov strongly supported his chosen “Bachelor” during a difficult period in her life when she graduated from high school.

      “I just like the name Timur. And almost every call starts with, “how are you doing, my dear Kanousei?” It is positive and sincere person. Always supports me. When in June defended the thesis at the Kazan Federal University, Timur called and cheered. Joked, saying that there is nothing to fear, surely all the teachers were watching and rooting for me, so all will be well. In the end, I defended my diploma on “perfectly,” said Daria, “StarHit”.

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