Daria Kanawha appeared for the first time with new boyfriend

Дарья Канануха впервые вышла в свет с новым бойфрендом With a new man the winner of the third season of the show “the Bachelor” noticed in one of the restaurants of Kazan. Darya Kananoja the identity of the beloved does not want to disclose and conceals the details of his personal life.

      Дарья Канануха впервые вышла в свет с новым бойфрендом

      Despite the fact that the screens already released the fourth season of the acclaimed project, where 15 beauties vie for the heart of one but the main bachelor of the country, participating last year discuss still. For the personal lives of the girls and their development after the filming of see not only photos and discussions on social networks, but are closely watched in real life.

      So, the winner of the third season of Daria Kanawha after the end of the esters of fans for a long time asked has been whether her relationship with showman Timur Batrutdinova after the command “Stop! Cut!” and did not let up with the comments in the “Instagram”: “where is the photo with Tim?”, “Why are you always alone?”, “Dasha, you look so beautiful and young, but so long no one is… This is strange.”

      But just recently it turned out that businesswoman not one, but already long time is in a relationship with the man hiding it from the public. Fan Kaneohe Ekaterina has shared with “Stricom” exclusive photos taken at one of the restaurants of Kazan. The picture shows the happy hugs Dora dearly beloved.

      “I was watching the third season of the show and was rooting for her, – says the author of the frame. – Occasionally seen at social gatherings Kazan or at the Mall, but always in the company of women. And then after dinner went out into the corridor to call and saw a couple cuddling in the girl and knew the star. Sorry did not work to remove from the face — they left quickly, but before long hugging and murmuring to each other”.

      Interestingly, in a recent interview with “StarHit” Dasha did not disclose the details of his novel, but made it clear that she was not free. Apparently, this is the man of her heart. “I’m not ready to comment on this topic is very personal, explains Kanawha. – To be honest, never even thought that the paparazzi was still so closely follow my life! Yes, this is my boyfriend, but he wants to remain anonymous, what has the right. I can say one thing: I now really happy. As soon as I’m ready to tell something, I will do it myself and the photos will not provide from behind a corner”.

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