Daria Kananura told the details of her wedding

Дарья Канануха рассказала детали своей свадьбы
Daria of Kanawha became the winner of the third season of the TV show “the Bachelor”, it stopped showman Timur Batrutdinov.

Дарья Канануха рассказала детали своей свадьбы

Fans have been waiting for the development of the relationship of the couple after the filming of the show, but unfortunately, the young people broke up.

Each of them started to build my personal life. And very soon, on 22 July, Kazan will host the wedding of Daria.

Дарья Канануха рассказала детали своей свадьбы

“Just over a month before the holiday, so we started to deliver the invitations. We will have 70 guests – mostly young people. Did not call those who just “have to call” – will come the closest. Presenting our unusual invitation together with Misha and everyone personally. Even talking specially prepared a beautiful speech. We have thought of everything,” – said Kananura.

Congratulations lovers with a shotgun wedding and wish that things had gone as they had planned.

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