Daria Kananura revealed her lover

Дарья Канануха раскрыла своего возлюбленного

The winner of the show “the Bachelor” Daria Kananoja called the name of the groom. It is not Timur.

News from the life of the last winner of the show “the Bachelor” more like spy game. Daria Kananoja still conceals my boyfriend. However, revealed the secret of bear mask, which covers his face in a rare joint photos.

As expected, some fans girls, sweetheart Dasha’s name is Michael. And put your picture on the Internet, he does not want.

It all began with a recent photoshoot Dasha, where the girl’s “wedding” makeup, which she had to explain:

“That was worth to upload photos in the “wedding” make-up – the phone just exploded with calls. Friends send article “Kanawha getting married!”. Dear friends, I promise You that soon You will experience first hand, and yet (smiley “bear”) is still hidden from Your eyes. On the one hand, I like his dislike of social networks. Don’t understand guys who post 5 selfies a day and lifelike removed (to celebrities is not true – it’s part of the job). After all, the man should be brutal, not to ogle at me in the tape. Michael was in Insta, but he said he’ll post only one photo in my entire life – with the President. What actually is committed to your career”. (Spelling retained. – Approx. ed.)

Dasha already made a photo with the President. It was a chance meeting in one of the suburban restaurants. “Delighted and happy to meet you! Photo with the President – done!” she commented this event in social networks.

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