The star of the show “the Bachelor” starred in the video group Moscow Dabro.

23-year-old Daria Kananoja from Kazan has become incredibly popular thanks to the show “the Bachelor.” Play in love with Timur by Batrutdinova they continued and after the project… And only six months later confessed that all this was before the show!

However, Darya novel with a star (albeit fictional!) went only benefit. The girl began to appear on the cover of gloss, to shoot for advertising and opened his own Studio of aesthetic education. And recently also in the acting field tried. Recently it became known that participant of the reality TV starred in the video group Moscow Dabro.

In the clip, Kanawha played a loving girl who decided to play her boyfriend… She posts photos from the Ferris wheel, from the club! Man, as if stunned, looking for her all over Moscow. As she waits her boyfriend at home, as reported in its most recent photomessage. And, of course, “happy ending”! The characters finally meet.

The role of Daria went without saying, but who would dare to say that it had not demonstrated their artistic abilities?

“Premiere of our music video! Young talented guys from Dabro, thank you for the honor to become a part of your history” – shared the girl the good news with fans.

Needless to say that the video only on the page Dashi has collected more than 16 thousand likes and no less enthusiastic comments. As they say, it’s a start. Good start!

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