Daria Doncova did compliment another writer

Дарья Донцова сделала комплимент другой писательнице
The author of the famous novels by celebrated young writer.

Дарья Донцова сделала комплимент другой писательнице

Darya Dontsova

Photo: Philip Goncharov

To hear good words in his address from lips of the famous
the writer had the opportunity of Xenia stern. Her book won by Darya Dontsova.

“I have recently discovered a wonderful young writer
Xenia Stern. Her book, “Plenty” is read in one breath, and answers many
the questions that arise in every human being. Sincerely advise you
to read this book!” — recommends series.

The heroes of the book, which struck Daria — our contemporaries. Ordinary people. They
meet, meet, fall in love, suffer, experiencing life crises and looking for
the outputs of them. Sometimes they succeed, but more often events occur over which
people have no power. And then what? Have no choice but to accept his fate and
try to live on. Only to live is different…