Daria Bezhenar picked up a dog from the street

Дарья Беженар подобрала собаку с улицы Chetvertfinalny “the Voice 4” the owner is looking for a lost dog. Apparently, the animal had previously lived at home – on his neck was sturdy collar. Do yourself Daria Bezhenar dog can not leave.

      Дарья Беженар подобрала собаку с улицы

      Recently the singer Daria Bezhenar, memorable audience with a brilliant performance of the song “Knocking on the Heaven’s door” in the blind auditions and a cover version of the hit Zemfira “We are broken”, recently became the owner of a charming dog breed Cocker Spaniel. However, the emergence in her life of the pet was unexpected for the singer – Daria picked up the dog from the street.

      “We were returning from a rehearsal with musicians in the area of Novogireevo, – says Bezhenar. – I’m going home and already called a taxi, when I saw that the road runs across a frightened dog. My friends felt sorry for her, we started to call her. The dog was rushing about, was clearly in shock from the passing cars. Then he came up to us, began to fawn on me and in the end, when I arrived my taxi, she jumped in her car behind me. What was I to do? The animal huddled in a corner, looked at me with sad eyes and was obviously waiting for help. Needless to say, I took her home…”

      After that Dasha fed trapped by the male dog, gave him a temporary nickname Bagel, and he spent the night in the apartment of the actress. Then singer went with him to the veterinary clinic is on the animal’s body had several bleeding wounds. “But the animal didn’t look homeless,” says Bezhenar. – It was evident that the dog is middle-aged, well-groomed, neck – solid collar.

      The singer turned for help to his friend Alex Solovyov, together they photographed the dog and posted in their social media posts about what the animal was found looking for his master. “Many began to do a “census” of our records, to write words of support, ” says Daria. – I hope that those who have lost a dog will find it soon. The dog is very educated, with intelligent eyes, disciplined – it is evident that the former owners were doing it. Unfortunately, to keep the animal, I can’t…”

      The singer admits that to help out homeless animals is not the first time for her. “As a child I was constantly dragging home kittens and puppies,” recalls Daria. – They all have me live – of course, mom wasn’t thrilled, but throw the foundlings at the doorstep of her hand does not rise”.

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