Дарья и Сергей Пынзари готовятся крестить малыша Recently, the family of the famous participants of reality show “Dom-2” was replenished. A young mother Daria Pynzar shared with journalists who night diaper changes charming David, how difficult is it to get in shape after childbirth, and also told about the importance for her and Sergei’s event, which will occur in the near future.

      30-year-old star of “House-2” and shows “Pregnant” Daria Pynzar rarely shows the face of your baby. The photos with the child young mother carefully hides it from the camera, preferring to show the newborn in the profile. Recently, the star told reporters about why she does that. According to celebrity, it is the decision of her husband Sergei Pintara. She won the Grand prize does not believe in the evil eye. It also told about important in her life an event that will happen very soon.

      “Sergei is preparing for baptism. I respect the opinion of her husband. But if I had my way, I would have shown the baby, because not superstitious. Do not believe in the evil eye. People need to understand that life works like a boomerang: did a bad thing, plotting of evil, it will come back to you or the kids. When you live, respect human and divine laws, then we have nothing to fear”, — said Daria with the media.

      Pynzar also told how her family is caring for David. Despite the fact that the spouse star is engaged in the business, Sergei is constantly helping his wife. It can replace Daria in the night and change the baby diaper. A young mother appreciates his concern about the baby and admits that the hardest thing for her in the mother’s troubles — constant lack of sleep.

      Daria also told how to come in shape after childbirth. During pregnancy she gained more than a dozen extra pounds. In recognition of a movie star, yet she failed to regain a slim figure, but she gradually goes. Sometimes Daria lazy to go to the gym. Therefore, a young mother scolds himself for failing. Sometimes she pulls the belly for the photos to be good. Pynzar also shared that she is constantly drawn to sweet.

      “Never loved sweets, and now shakes, I want to. When the birth of the Subject, weight quickly: in two months I was thinner than before birth. This time the struggle for harmony will be harder because I’m not 20 years old, when you eat whatever you want, but this is not reflected in the figure. In 30-th such number does not pass. But I am a perfectionist and will fight for the piece. Moms to be beautiful, so you’ll have to make friends with the sport,” said Daria edition Teleprogramma.pro.

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