DANTE выпустил акустический альбом
Popular Russian artist DANTE fulfilled his promise.

DANTE выпустил акустический альбом

Popular performer of original songs, the composer and the participant of the project “the Voice” DANTE recently presented new mini-album “Acoustics”.

— A couple of years ago I promised myself to record acoustic versions of my favorite songs. I understand that the acoustics quite disappeared from radar music publications. However, I dared to take this step — and decided to do an acoustic mini-album. Of percussion it only clicks of my fingers, the only tools guitar and piano, the musician said in conversation with journalists.

DANTE выпустил акустический альбом

I got incredible pleasure in record time. I set a goal to record each song in one take. And I did it. Recording every song entirely, I was able to achieve a sense of presence.
For me, this EP sounds a bit like it would sound on my acoustic concert. We left all the inaccuracies that the sound was the most alive. Listening to the result of their work, I can say that absolutely happy.

To playlist mini-album “Acoustics” includes four original tracks and he is now available on all music platforms.

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