Жена Данко требует алименты The civil wife of the singer Danko difficult one to raise two daughters: the younger Agata requires a lot of attention, care and money to treat a girl suffering from cerebral palsy. However, if the musician did everything in his power for the sake of the children, now rarely visits the family.
Жена Данко требует алименты

In early July, the singer came out with a new beloved, and admitted that for six months does not live with his wife Natalia, Ustymenko. He left her alone with two daughters – 14-year-old Sophia and 4-year-old Agatha, who suffers from cerebral palsy. Natalia hoped to the last that her husband will come to his senses and return because of raising daughters one hard. However, the miracle did not happen – my father refused to educate heirs. The woman had to turn to lawyers.

“Natasha does not hold a grudge, wants only to seek payment of the alimony, – says the “StarHit” Kate Gordon, the owner of the Agency, “Gordon and sons”. – The most difficult to endure the indifference Danko, he had ceased to pay attention to girls and to younger generally shows strange negativity. How many times have met at the shooting gear: he always stood up to protect the family, was ready to give the last Agatha. And now I look and do not understand what is happening, a man seemed to have changed. Natasha was asked to sign Danko alimony agreement. However, he refused, saying, no money!”

Жена Данко требует алименты

According to the lawyers, even if Ustymenko get justice, child support will be modest.

“The profession of singer unstable – continues Catherine. The musician does not hide his small earnings, the tour schedule is almost empty. If Danko will come to their senses, it will have to pay the family of each month 50 thousand rubles. For Natasha every penny is important. For maintaining the health of the youngest leaves the lion’s share of the budget. Plus growing up Sonya, she needs the attention of the Pope. And he betrayed!”

According to Danko, now Natalie is satisfied with his personal life. The actor admitted that he suspects the wife in the novel. Until he realizes how serious the relationship the mother of his children with the new boyfriend. Danko about breaking up with his wife: “I saw her with another man”

“I saw in the picture with Natasha some man. Don’t know how serious their relationship is, maybe he is a threat to our reconciliation. I now feel a free man,” said Danko.