Danko runs the risk of going to jail

Данко рискует сесть в тюрьму
Alexander Fadeev, known as Danko says he is eager to help the former spouse to provide for their children, but not willing to pay child support.

Данко рискует сесть в тюрьму

He and his attorney, like, ready to sign with ex-wife some papers that guarantee that she will not be with him to demand money through court, but still fears that she’ll do it and considers it mean.

In fact, his position is understandable, since alimony is legalized financial assistance, and here is his written promise in the contract with the wife, no more than a Declaration of intent, which can always be broken.

As Danko may be formally unemployed, and to recover from him the state in favor of the children will have nothing, and this article is about the non-payment of items, which may result in a prison term.

Данко рискует сесть в тюрьму

That comes up with Danko stories about wife lovers, that she began to ignore him, but he left the family and so on. And all in order to not look in the eyes of the public a scoundrel who left his wife with a disabled child on the hands and doesn’t want to support them.

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