Данко ответил на слухи о романе с Даной Борисовой The musician was surprised appeared on it news. Passers-by saw in the Park a couple on a romantic walk. In men and women reporters learned of the singer Danko and TV presenter Dan Borisov.

Today, the Network appeared the video, where the couple spends time during a romantic walk in nature. Man and woman caught in each other’s arms. The journalists discussed in the lovers, the TV presenter Dan Borisov and musician Danko. Fans will remember that between them had a relationship many years ago and people were quick to assume that feelings flared up again.

However, the actor admitted to “StarHit” that intersects with Dana only filming and various events and doesn’t understand what the video is about.

Now Alexander Fadeyev (the real name of the singer Danko) lives with his beloved Natalia. Despite the fact that the couple does not register relations in the registry office, they for long years to prove to each other love and faithfulness. Although not long ago, the artist questioned that his youngest daughter Agatha, who suffers from cerebral palsy, could not be his son. Danko remembered that once his wife was having an affair with a millionaire from Switzerland. He did not hesitate to declare the whole country about their assumptions and take a DNA test to verify paternity.

“Natasha gets nicer and nicer, – said the musician in the Studio of one of the talk shows. – I’m just a very jealous and emotional. I “tolerate” those moments when she says she needs to go somewhere… To me, Natasha was a rich man, a foreigner, very well known. I understand that I am not his competitor.”

Danko seemed that the little agate even something similar to the former darling Natalia. He began to notice the traits of men. However, the woman was unpleasant to hear such accusations. She decided to prove to the singer that was faithful to him. The result of genetic examination showed that the real father is Danko.

Also the couple growing up the eldest daughter Sonia. For many, their family is a model musician and his wife spend a huge amount of time and money to take care of little Agatha. They try to do everything to prolong the life of the child, despite the fact that understand doctors do disappointing forecasts. Singer Danko: “My daughter will forever remain a disabled person”