Danko opened the “special” daughter’s aptitude for music

Данко открыл у «особенной» дочери способности к музыке Little Agatha learns to play the xylophone. Singer Danko showed the fans a video that captures how the baby is mastering a musical instrument. Subscribers once again admired the desire of the artist to make his child’s life joyful and complete.

      In June 2014 the family of the singer Danko had a second daughter Agatha. Immediately after birth the girl put a disappointing diagnosis – cerebral palsy. Despite the obstacles, the artist and his civil wife Natalia try to do everything to their life heiress was happy and bright. Alexander Fadeev, acting under the pseudonym Danko, often shares with fans the success of small agates. Yesterday he published a video, which depicted the baby playing the xylophone.

      This touching video has the admiration of fans. They never cease to be amazed that the daughter of Danko made such progress. Followers are glad that the artist shares with them the secret. Singer Danko brought the grown daughter on TV

      “Good what. Good luck and health to you, Health to your daughter! Little sweetie!”, “How beautiful she is! Umnichka! Health and all the very wonderful your family!” – wrote followers.

      Danko tries the example to support other parents who are faced with a similar problem. The artist often appears on television, telling about the young heiress and inspiring others to fight for the lives of “special” children. Singer Danko: “My daughter will forever remain a disabled person”

      In the middle of last year thanks to caring people Danko collected money to send the baby for treatment in the Czech Republic. After rehabilitation in the Spa town of Janske Lazne and the girl was able to hold his head from the spoon and chew.

      In the beginning of last year, the mother of singer Helen Elias became acquainted with her granddaughter. For a long time she did not support the decision of the son and did not seek to help a sick little girl. The woman did not understand the position of Danko and his wife who sacrifice their own interests for the education of his daughter. Elias she spends more time with the older granddaughter, 13-year-old Sophia, and the younger girl rarely sees because he lives far from their homes.

      “It was their decision, you never know what I’d do. If it was many years ago, I would not have taken on this burden. I had a lot of activities and interests, and to enslave I couldn’t have,” said Elias.