Данко нашел новый метод лечения «особенной» дочери The artist is actively engaged in the rehabilitation of the child. Danko trying new methods of dealing with the illness of three of the heiress. At this time, the family turned to alternative medicine, which has already yielded positive results.

The youngest daughter of Alexander Fadeeva immediately after birth was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Now Agatha for three years, and parents continue to do everything to the condition of the baby improved. The girl’s mother along with her regular visits to rehabilitation centers in different cities, studying special literature, teaches the heiress to water procedures, alone makes her a massage. And recently the family turned to unconventional medicine, which has already held the baby for a few sessions.

“We’re going to acupuncture. To stab this kid. It doesn’t hurt it a little bit, mosquito bites and fly away. The little Bunny, do not worry, my good, little rabbit,” – said Natalia daughter on the way to the doctor.

All journey to the center of Chinese medicine and the procedure itself spouse was broadcast in Instagram. It is worth noting how gentle the woman was holding the heiress in a backpack attached to it. Danko had my favorite: wore Shoe covers on your feet, soothed the agitated Agatha. By the way, the acupuncture girl was very quiet – apparently, the interaction with the special points on the body does the muscles and relaxes the body. Immediately after the procedure, the baby was asleep.

“This is the best tool in the world today. This we tell you as people who have studied for three years thousands of doctors. By the way, needles are stuck to the marrow”, – commented on the events Danko.

Users of the social network were delighted from the courage of small agates, which endured acupuncture and never cried. They also noted the strength of will and endurance of the star couple fighting for their daughter’s health. Natalia told the doctor that already sees positive changes in the behavior of the successor after the previous sessions.

It turned out that recently, the family traveled to the mountains, and she with interest examined the surrounding nature, which can do not all children with a similar diagnosis. In addition, the child began to smile, which could not please the parents. The doctor promised to do everything to little Agatha has started normal for her age development.