Danko about breaking up with his wife: “I saw her with another man”

Данко о разрыве с женой: «Я видел ее с другим мужчиной» For about six months, the singer does not communicate with his wife. Despite the gap, Danko continues to take care of his wife and two daughters. Now the family of the actor spending time at sea, where the younger Agata, who suffers from cerebral palsy, gets the treatment.
Данко о разрыве с женой: «Я видел ее с другим мужчиной»

Singer Alexander Fadeev, better known under the pseudonym Danko, and his civil wife Natalia have two daughters – 14-year-old Sophia and four-year Agatha, who suffers from cerebral palsy. However, as it turned out, the current relationship between spouses is far from ideal – for the past six months the couple does not communicate, razehalis in different houses.

Yet even the singer of the hit “Moscow night” don’t know, will have to keep the family together for the sake of the kids, despite the rupture with his wife, the actor maintains relations.

“I’m with Natasha in the quarrel, we had a very good relationship. Some obvious reasons for this, I think we just tired of each other. Do not talk for over six months,” admitted Danko in conversation with “StarHit”.
Данко о разрыве с женой: «Я видел ее с другим мужчиной»

Now the artist did not come to a final conclusion whether he should make any steps forward to establish a relationship with Natalia. Moreover, he suspects that his civil wife has a new partner, and the artist himself is open to a new relationship.

Данко о разрыве с женой: «Я видел ее с другим мужчиной»“I saw in the picture with Natasha some man. Don’t know how serious their relationship is, maybe he is a threat to our reconciliation. I now feel a free man,” admitted the singer.
Данко о разрыве с женой: «Я видел ее с другим мужчиной»

Last year the singer all over the country in one of the talk shows said that Natalia suspected of treason. He admitted that to his lady was a very rich boyfriend is a foreigner. Their concerns Danko justified by the fact that his wife is becoming more attractive, and he – man is jealous, quick-tempered and emotional.

A DNA test revealed the truth about his father’s “special” daughter Danko

Despite the strained relationship with his wife, he fully cares for his children. “Natasha, Sonya, and Agatha is now at sea, the youngest daughter treated. Went for two weeks,” said Danko.

Данко о разрыве с женой: «Я видел ее с другим мужчиной»

Recently, rumors spread that Danko had an affair with DJ Mary Siluyanova. She shared in social networks photos of the joint with the singer. The musicians posed in an embrace, but because some have suggested that broke out between them romance. The artist himself has denied the speculation.

“We recorded the track, she’s known in my circles, DJ. We are friends, but so far we have only working relations”, – said the singer.