Danish crown Princess Mary was forbidden to communicate with her friend Caroline Fleming

Датской кронпринцессе Мэри запретили общаться с подругой Кэролайн Флеминг

The case when you’re an adult, but can’t decide with whom you make friends. Danish crown Princess Mary was forbidden to communicate with a close friend Caroline Fleming, actress and model. For candid shots the last shadow bad reputation falls on monarhine.

According to the publication The Daily Mail, citing reliable sources, the family of the Princess felt that Caroline is very dissolute life, and landed their cousin to be friends with the school slut. Who cares what people think.. Now 45-year-old heir to the throne can not only appear in public with his girlfriend, but to contact her in any way.
Mary, who became a hostage of his rank, he feels devastated and is very painful going through a breakup with Caroline.
“In the future the crown Princess will receive the status of the Queen, and she should carefully choose the people in their environment” — said at the court. By the way, the decisive point in banning steel half-naked pictures of Fleming, appeared online and in the media.