Андрей Данилко объяснил, почему не женится Well-known artist has commented on the lack of second half. Andrei Danilko not afraid of loneliness. He admitted that he feels comfortable with myself and thus resting from constant dialogue with people.

Andrew Danilko became famous due to the shocking image of Verka Serduchka. The first man introduced the alter-ego back in 1993, however, when he performed as a stand up comedian. After a while Verka Serduchka broke on stage as a singer and even represented Ukraine at the song contest “Eurovision” in 2007, where he took second place.

In contrast to the successful career of 43-year-old Andrew can’t boast of a strong family. Still a man is not married. He admits that he does not seek even to find a soul mate, because he feels comfortable in solitude. Danylko: “I don’t just disguised as a man”

“Come an age when you do not want the family in General. I wanted a family, when was 22 years old. And then over the years less and less, and now do not want to. I need to be alone and have their private territory. Think it has to do with the glut of communicating with people”, – the artist admitted.

Andrew admits that he never bored alone in his spare time he listens to audio books, watching different programs. Danilko said that far from everyday problems, as it can afford to use the services of a housekeeper, which helps him keep the property clean. Despite a tight schedule, the celebrity devotes time to his hobby – he loves to cook and doesn’t trust this thing to other people.

Danilko said that his desire to be alone can justify that sort of activity he has to deal with a large number of people. The actor admits that he tries to avoid large concentrations of the public, and sometimes even the company of several people gives him discomfort.

“It is a disease. May not know, but I only see people I have included in my head that now I can find out. But this I earned in those years when there were so many performances. For example, there was a case in Lviv when I ran the whole circus and I ran for some stairs. I then shut down in the infirmary, and I was terrified. Then I was taken through the back door, put it in the car, and I lay on the floor below didn’t see me,” said the actor in an interview with “Vesti”.