Данила Козловский снимет фильм про футбол

The star of “duhless” is debuting as a Director.

Danila Kozlovsky starred in more than 10 bright paintings, he produced movies as it was with the Comedy “Status:free”… But the Director’s chair – new to him.

But, it seems, the actor is not afraid, on the contrary only adds interest… As it became known, the star of “duhless” will act as the Director of the new sports drama “Coach.” Curiously, he also will perform a major role.

The film will tell about the best scorer of the national team Yuri Stoleshnikov that the decisive moment has not scored from the penalty spot and completes an inglorious career. After a series of tests he will perform a miracle on a post of the trainer of a small football team.

“It’s important for us to not only tell entertaining emotional story about football, the world’s most popular sport, but also to show how people can change the world around them”, says Kozlowski.

It is curious that the symbolic film will be released in 2018, the year before the world Cup in Russia.

“This film is the idea Daniel, and I believe that he will be able bright and talented to implement it as a Director,” says Peter Anurov, co-producer of the film.

Another important detail – the consultant of the project was the head coach of the national team of Russia on football Leonid Slutsky. So all the “goals” and “penalties” will be performed by true actors!

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