Danila Kozlovsky will play hamlet with a focus

Данила Козловский сыграет Гамлета с акцентом

The premiere of performance in the MDT is scheduled for Sunday, 10 April – immediately after the return of the theatre with the American tour.

But tickets for “hamlet” with Kozlowski still did not get it. They will be on sale only on April 7, just before the premiere, it was decided by the Director of the play and the longtime artistic Director MDT the lion Dodin.

Daniel himself about the close of the premiere silent: it is no secret that the role of the Prince Danish dream of all actors. But fortunate very few. Kozlowski was lucky.

By the way, the age Daniel the best: not everyone knows, but hamlet Shakespeare exactly 30 years, this is clearly stated in the fifth act of the immortal tragedy. Kozlowski’s 30th anniversary was celebrated last spring.

However, age may not be so important. How to say in the theater, viewers will see “hamlet”, which is very far from classical, all the usual reading of the play.

The fact that working on the show, Lev Dodin significantly changed the text of Shakespeare’s play and its narrative emphasis, using several translations of the tragedy. In addition, the production includes excerpts from the writings of medieval Danish authors. And among them is the vast work of the medieval Danish chronicler Saxo grammaticus, who inspired another of Shakespeare himself: it is from there that the great playwright and learned the story of hamlet.

The rehearsal began in September of last year, but Kozlowski said about the role of hamlet only once, in January 2016, when he presented the journalists his film “Status: free”.

“I can’t open all the secrets about the upcoming production, because he is bound by contract with the theater, but it will be obvious “hamlet”. I am very interested to rehearse this role,” admitted actor back then.

Together with Kozlowski, the stage is his favorite and long-time partner – Elizaveta Boyarskaya, she she trusted to play Ophelia, and Ksenia Rappoport in the role of Queen Gertrude, mother of hamlet.

It is now clear that the premiere will not be easy, because the last three weeks Dolinski theatre was on tour in America. And the actors pretty exhausted from the flights and transfers. This was told by Elizaveta Boyarskaya.

“Today or tomorrow or the day after Boston. “Three sisters”. “To Moscow, to Moscow, in Moskvoyu!!!” – wrote the actress on his page in Instagram.

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