Danila Kozlovsky was harassing his girlfriend on the set of “Coach”

Данила Козловский изводил свою девушку на съемках «Тренера» The long-awaited sports drama, filmed by the famous actor, was released. The main female role in the film played beloved Danila Kozlovsky, Olga Zueva. The actress and model admitted that the choice was very difficult.

On Thursday, the screens out the film “the Coach” Danila Kozlovsky, in which he also played a major role. The actor was reincarnated as a footballer Yuri Stoleshnikov not scored a penalty in a very important moment. As a result, the athlete ends career to loud and starts to work with a small team of players from the province. Stoleshnikov will make every effort to again believe in their abilities.

In addition to Kozlowski, the film starred Irina Gorbachev, Andrey Smolyakov, and Alexander Ilyin Jr. The girl Danila Olga Zueva went to one of the main roles – she played a doctor-physiotherapist of the team “meteor” Cook. Actress and model denies relationship with Kozlowski helped her get the job done. According to Olga, he is very serious about its activities. At first, the artist didn’t mean to say darling.

“Daniel would never do anyone a favor, cinema for him is too important. So I had to make the effort to seriously consider my candidacy. I helped in the development of female characters, and proposed a variant of the main character, who Dan liked, and he changed the script. But despite this, he continued to watch the other candidates with this updated scenario. I was selected last” – Zuev has shared with journalists.

Passing the audition was just the beginning of serious work. Olga had a long and hard road, full of contradictions with the Director. According to Zueva, Kozlowski was completely different Outlook on her character. So Daniel often argued with my beloved that affected her condition.

“I came to the site with his version, and Daniel broke it in front of me. This is my first major role, and I wanted to show all his female energy, strong emotions, but Daniel saw the character different: “LEL, take these tears, what’s the big deal?” I was terribly upset that he didn’t give me play what I wanted and when I saw the film, I realized what led a Director. And it’s not just me,” said Olga.

According to Zueva, Kozlovsky is very demanding and does not accept compromises and half-measures. It is concerned with all the actors who played “Coach”. For Daniel it was important to put on a maximum, showing a high level of professionalism.

“I actually had a hard time doing photography – I always felt the excitement, but there is also a private moment – I was afraid he would be disappointed when I couldn’t do it immediately. But Daniel encouraged me, praised”, – quotes Zuev Peopletalk.

The word “Coach” was not the first joint work of Olga and Daniel. In September of this year, the premiere of the film “district,” which involved her boyfriend. The girl herself also played a role.