Danila Kozlovsky touching announced the addition of

Данила Козловский трогательно объявил о прибавлении
With the house came a lovely baby.

Danila Kozlovsky with your puppy

Photo: @danilakozlovsky Instagram Danila Kozlovsky

On the eve of the New year Danila Kozlovsky and Olga Zueva took the family of a homeless kid. The actor with the bride picked up and sheltered puppy. Fateful meeting occurred on the highway in Georgia, where they spent the new year holidays.

“Always wanted a Labrador, but it turned out otherwise…. It was in Georgia. On the way to the mountains, a few hours before the new year, Olga and I stopped, seeing this miracle in a field near the road. Decided to take to give in good hands. And then so loved that he kept for himself. This is an incredibly sensitive, loving, gentle and kind dog. The moral of the story is: there is no better animal than being saved from “dislike” and “nikounesbati”. It’s better than fashionable, adorable Labrador,” said Daniel. The puppy was given the nickname Pear (from Georgia, where he was found).

Kozlowski once again confirmed the status “the perfect guy”. It is curious that often couples dare to have a common pet, when subconsciously ready to birth a child in common. Anyway, the fans believe that Daniel and Olga will be the most caring owners in the world. “People with a big heart!””As it is symbolic for the New year to find such a cute and devoted to the foundling”, “How nice that another helpless heart found a home”, “What cool guys! Happiness to you,” the praised act Kozlovsky subscribers.