Данила Козловский рассказал о лучшем месяце в своей жизни
The actor shared his emotions from the past in Russia of world football championship.

Photo: Instagram

Danila Kozlovsky told us about the best time, which he spent in Russia for the first time in many years. The reason for this was the world Cup held in our country from 14 June to 15 July this year.

“The world Cup ended a few days ago — Daniel wrote in a personal blog. And it seems we are already moving on to various matters, and your body in another place, but the heart and soul are moved with great delay. They are still somewhere on one of the stadiums during a match or on Nikolskaya street surrounded by Panamanian fans. So many things I wanted to say after the final at the Luzhniki stadium, but in the end it all comes down to one thing: it was one of the most amazing and wonderful months of my life I lived in the country together with everyone. Paradoxical, the unexpected, the unbelievable. Month of life in the open. A month undisguised emotions of love, kindness, tears, different, real, not planted something on top of pride. For his team, for his people, for his country. Because we were able to surprise himself and the world. Because we went crazy. That we cried along with Pedophilia. For what then tell Tom, “we wanted to prove that football is alive”. And it’s not only what happened on the field. It’s in the common game of ALL. Fans from around the world, wonderful volunteers, created the mood before the match, the championship organizing Committee, who did a phenomenal job, the inhabitants of the cities, which hosted the championship with their kindness and big heart. So I want to believe that it will not go anywhere. This powerful injection of love has taught us a lot. How are we going to be like. Beautiful, free, talented. How we need to be. This is the championship, where the final could not be rain. This is a Movie that is within us. It their own every. And thank you that each of us is a hero!”

Kozlowski has always been a football fan, but the last few years of his life before the world Cup was inextricably linked to football. The fact that he was working on a painting called “Coach.” The actor played in the movie the main role and acted as Director. Part of the tape was prophetic. The team of the movie has done the impossible: won the championship of the country, although this many years never showed a decent game. The Russian national team in real life at the world Cup this year also showed the level that we have not seen for a long time. Players confidently led the country in the 1/4 finals, showing good football and returning Russians hope to win.