Даниле Козловскому исцарапали лицо
The actor shared details of the incident.

Даниле Козловскому исцарапали лицо

Danila Kozlovsky

Photo: Instagram

Danila Kozlovsky
posted a photo of a scratched
face. But the did not scare fans,
and amused as he explained
the cause of the “wounds”. “When you very
glad to see, but the pedicure on the feet
sucks!” — signed post artist, providing
his hashtag #gruesome.

Daniel had
due to the beloved dog named Pear
which picked up in the mountains on the eve of New
year. “Always wanted a Labrador, but
it turned out otherwise…. It was in Georgia
told Kozlovsky. — On the way to
mountains, a few hours before the new year
Olga Zueva stopped seeing
it is a miracle in a field near the road. Decided
to take, to give to good hands. And
then so loved that he kept for himself.
It’s incredibly sensitive, loyal, gentle
and kind dog. The moral of the story:
there is no better animal than that which
save from dislike and nikounesbati.
This is better than fashion, charming

Nickname Pear
the actor gave pet no accident, full
the dog’s name is Georgia. By the way, the Pear Olga
and Daniel considers family member, even in
veterinary certificate the dog has not
only the name, but the name — Zueva-Kozlovskaya. It is worth noting that
celebrities often become masters
of homeless animals. For Example, Catherine
Volkova doted in your Rut —
the pooch was found in a field near
from the country house.

Danila Kozlovsky with your puppy

Photo: @danilakozlovsky Instagram Danila Kozlovsky