Danila Kozlovsky saddled horse on your birthday

Данила Козловский оседлал лошадь в свой день рождения The movie star celebrated his birthday at one of the restaurants of the Northern capital. In the midst of the feast he went outside and saddled his horse, which caused excitement among passing natives. It turned out that the animal gave him colleagues from the Maly drama theatre.

      Данила Козловский оседлал лошадь в свой день рождения

      On your birthday, may 3, Danila Kozlovsky appeared in Saint-Petersburg. The actor played the role in the play “Warsaw melody”, which took place at the Maly drama theatre. In the end the birthday boy was presented with a cake.

      After work the star of the movie “the Crew” went to the restaurant “Rubinstein”, which belongs to the husband of Ksenia Rappoport. A party in honor of the 31st anniversary of Kozlowski brought together not only representatives of the acting profession, but also ordinary people who love the work of Daniel. While the birthday boy, his girlfriend Olga Zueva, Ksenia Rappoport and other retired stars in one part of the restaurant, the fans were on duty on the street and tried to enter the building to take a selfie with Danilo. The festival gained momentum and excited Xenia, seeing the street, the horse, decided that Kozlovsky must ride on it.

      The star supported the idea and climbed into the saddle, than attracted the attention of the residents of St. Petersburg at such a late hour. He drove a few meters on a horse and behaved like a musketeer. As it turned out later, the animal was a gift Kozlovsky from MDT.

      The social network on your birthday Kozlowski addressed to subscribers with a request to help the children. “Dear friends, today is my birthday and you’re all congratulating me, I wish you every possible happiness, say so many nice and warm words. Thank You very much! I am very touched by Your words and wishes! I peeped from one of the girls on FB and was inspired, as she, to make his birthday a little holiday for others. If you want to congratulate me and give me something good, I ask you to send any donation to the Fund by B. E. L. A. butterfly Children”. For me this is very important, and if after my birthday I will be able, even briefly, to improve the lives of those who are struggling, it will make me happy,” wrote the actor.

      In his spare time, Daniel relaxes in the society of the girl Olga. She periodically travels with him on the sea, where you can just lie down, read and do nothing, but how long a star can’t indulge in laziness, its always drawn to adventure.

      Данила Козловский оседлал лошадь в свой день рождения

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