Danila Kozlovsky refused money for his beloved

Данила Козловский отказался от денег ради любимой The actor will play in the film beloved. Olga Zueva taking the first steps as a Director, and Danila Kozlovsky supports it. The actor makes the utmost effort to promote the project the chosen one – he communicates with producers and independently chooses the actors.

      Данила Козловский отказался от денег ради любимой

      Model Olga Zueva, who became known to the Russian public thanks to the relationship with Danila Kozlovsky, makes its first steps as a Director and screenwriter. 32-year-old Zuev wrote a touching story of love, friendship and betrayal in the criminal world of her native Vladivostok. The main role in the film will perform her boyfriend.

      “Olga dreamed about working in movies for many years, yet walked the catwalk and appeared in episodes of the TV series, says colleague Kozlowski on CLM Andrew. – Zueva attended this first steep in The New School in new York, then graduated from Summer film Academy of Nikita Mikhalkov, and now is eager to show what they are capable. History in her script, they say, almost autobiographical”.

      The plot of far Eastern crime boss forcing two assistants to follow his wife. When they accused the Queen of treason, and bring proof to the boss, he gives the order to punish the woman. Then the friends argue. One of them agrees, and the second of course, the hero of Daniel does not want to raise a hand against the victim, causing the wrath of the king of the underworld. Now the guy being hunted, hiding from which he has to check friendship and finding love.

      “Kozlowski believed in the idea of Olga and promotes it by all means, – continues Andrey. He has already contacted one of the Russian producers, personally looking for actors to play, and from the appearance fee, they say, is planning to give up.”

      Danila Kozlovsky and Olga Zueva once again prove to the public that they were really serious. Not so long ago, the lovers began to live together, and now decided to work together, what can not move each pair. By the way, the psychic Mohsen, Norouzi stated that this Union is doomed. According to experienced clairvoyant, Kozlowski and Zueva could save the relationship if soon decided to have a baby, but this is unlikely to happen.

      “Neither Daniel nor Olga is not going to become parents – both up to their ears in work. Their parting will be painful, especially for Olga. Daniel is also going to get over a breakup, but passion will help him get rid of bad thoughts. Kozlowski has the potential for huge success. He will live in two countries, torn between Russia and the United States, but home will never leave,” said Norouzi.

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