Данила Козловский вновь доказал, что он идеален
Actor touching congratulated his mother with the 65th anniversary.

Данила Козловский вновь доказал, что он идеален

Danila Kozlovsky with his mother Nadezhda Zvenigorodskaya

Photo: @danilakozlovsky (Instagram Danila Kozlovsky)

The number of fans 31-year-old Danila Kozlovsky increased
times after last night, the actor gave my mother Hope
Zvenigorodsky holiday dinner at a trendy St. Petersburg restaurant “Rubinstein”.

“Today, my mom turned 65… happy birthday,
the best person on earth! Just be happy! I love you very much!” not
hide their emotions Daniel. The actor, who is considered one of the most brutal
in our cinema, not afraid of being branded as “Mama’s boy” and often goes
in the light with his beautiful mom.

Cake in honor of the 65th anniversary mom Kozlowski

Photo: @danilakozlovsky (Instagram Danila Kozlovsky)

Actor in films since the beginning of zero, but
the popularity came to him only after the release of the film “duhless”, “Spy”, “Legend №17″…
Prior to that, Kozlowski more than a decade was part of a countless number of young and promising, torn
between the two capitals. And, of course, his main reliance was always mom,
which brought up three sons (Daniel — medium of them).

It is possible that in your personal life Kozlovsky soon
major changes will occur. Daniel no longer hide his affair with the actress
Olga Zueva. After the premiere of the film-catastrophe “Crew”, it officially is
her my bride. At the moment the pair is working on a joint film project, which
producing Kozlovsky, and his favorite acts in the role of Director.

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