Danila Kozlovsky made a Declaration of love and tenderness

Данила Козловский признался в любви и нежности
The actor has completed work on the film “the Coach”.

Daniel Kozlovsky

Photo: Press service

Danila Kozlovsky finished shooting the feature film “Coach,” in which
made his debut as a Director. He sang the main role of the scorer
the national team of Yury Stoleshnikov, who at the decisive moment does not clog
from the penalty spot. Before the mistake Stoleshnikov
leaves the team, ends his career and became a coach a little
the provincial team “meteor”. It is with this club hero
to perform a miracle and once again believe in themselves.

When shooting came to an end, the actor was a lyrical mood.

“I know that today is the last day of shooting, but I
turned to it completely unprepared and what can I say, I don’t know — shared
Daniel. — Now I have only words of tenderness and love to the people
we passed along this road in the fifty days of shooting. I’m definitely not
I know that we have the best team that lived all this time in the mode
feat. I am very grateful that they have become an important part of my life that
believe me, this story and many did for her. Our movie is about
people who don’t do anything great in the world. They just
all the passion and faith that I can do a little business and
thereby make it clear to others that in life nothing is impossible.”

Filming took place in Moscow
The Krasnodar and Novorossiysk on the Russian six stadiums, including the “Krasnodar”, “Opening
Arena”, “Arena Khimki”. Ask
have expedition to London, but tomorrow Danila Kozlovsky already
will start editing of the film, it will be released on April 19, 2018
year, on the eve of the world Cup, which was first
will be held in Russia.

The film was shot over 50 shifts, it involves 9 football
commands. The casting for participation in the painting were about 3000 professional
players, of them in the film was attended by 200 players. In the crowd, and employs more than 15,000 people, including many real fans. For
filming was made more than 5500 sport forms, used about
500 balls (like new, with symbols of the upcoming championship and
collector), burned about 3,000 of fireworks.