Danila Kozlovsky has told how he helped Roman Abramovich

Данила Козловский рассказал, как ему помог Роман Абрамович
The actor and Director shared details of the filming of “Coach.”

Danila Kozlovsky

Danila Kozlovsky, the directorial debut which
the movie “Coach” is out in wide release, talked about the difficulties
he had to face in England, working on a painting.

“I remember having this crazy idea. Further,
of course, it was necessary to negotiate with the leadership of Chelsea. Who is in charge
Chelsea? Roman Abramovich — says Daniel, who became the guest of the Studio
OK.live. Are you trying for a long time to come
for Roman Abramovich, come to him, tells the idea, he’s incomprehensible
for you reasons, it supports and helps to organize the most difficult shots on
England. Not even the fact that England, the territory of Stamford bridge,
which is actually the day of the match belongs to the national Premier League
English. This is the most expensive and the most expensive championship broadcast, so
a huge security and legal, administrative and legal
nuances. We all this helps the club and Roman Abramovich, and the club Director
Marina Granovskaya. They don’t know the word “no”. So we took a very important
us episode, completely unprecedented, because there us no one
feature films are not shot”.

After I had finished my work on the film,
Kozlowski had a clear idea of what needs to be coach.

“It must be hard. You should not confuse it with
tyranny, dictatorship or cruelty, — says Danila. — As
Director at the site, as artistic Director in the theatre
like, I’m sorry, the President of the country. The stiffness should be present in
management, but it’s for the good result. I know a lot of hard heads and
Directors, which the group loves, because he loves his band
artists, those with whom they work”.