Danila Kozlovsky has changed beyond recognition

Данила Козловский изменился до неузнаваемости
Fans did not immediately recognize the actor without the beard.

Photo: Instagram

Thanks to its image of Danila Kozlovsky has long been included in lists of the sexiest “bearded”. Fans of the actor believe that Daniel is that rare person with thick facial hair (groomed of course) much better than without it. Yes, and Kozlovsky, judging by the fact that he rarely changes his outfit, does as well.

But occasionally, the actor still shaves the beard. And if in such moments I see his fans, he wouldn’t even know, so used to his beard! The actor posted a recent photo in your personal blog. His fans even admitted that I did not immediately realized who it flashed in the feed.

But most of all, of course, people were amused by the caption to the photo. Daniel wrote: “Milan. November, 2018”. And in response instantly got a hundred jokes about the future and the time machine.

Perhaps Kozlovsky really lives in the future. After all, he still devotes all his time to his directorial debut, the film “the Coach”, which will be released on the eve of the world Cup in 2018. Recall, Kozlowski will perform in the film, and the main role of scorer national football team Yuri Stoleshnikov, which at the crucial moment has not scored from the penalty spot. Before the mistake Stoleshnikov leaves the team, ends his career and becomes the coach of a small provincial team “meteor”. It is with this club Stoleshnikov have to perform a miracle and once again believe in themselves.