Danila Kozlovsky gave the plane

Даниле Козловскому подарили самолет
The actor gave a surprise gift in honor of 31 years.

Sweets for the birthday child

Photo: Instagram

Oddly asked Danila Kozlovsky, however begged friends and fans instead of gifts to him on 31st birthday to donate to sick children without a gift he left.

To the request of the birthday boy was not deaf: the Fund has made 507 contributions, the exact amount is not yet counted). But about the gifts to the beloved actor has not forgotten. Danilo sent cakes and pastries. There was even a cake in the shape
aircraft from the fans of the recently released movie “the Crew”, in which Kosloski played the pilot.

The touched actor has published in his page on the social network photos of the most delicious suprise. And the cake is the plane, and glazed doughnuts, each of which was decorated with the original wish, and a mini cheesecake with a sugar paste “Dane — 31″…

Under photos Daniel wrote: “Dear friends! Thank you for your incredibly
pleasant greetings, gifts, letters, words, wishes! For your senses! For your joy and kindness! I’m very touched! Thanks especially for the donations to the Fund “Bella, the butterfly children”.

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