Danila Kozlovsky from the thieves of fate saved mom

Данилу Козловского от воровской судьбы спасла мама The actor has frankly told about the difficult childhood. Talented and successful Danila Kozlovsky could become a thief, if not for his mother. The artist himself recalls the effort the woman was worth to avoid the sad fate.
Данилу Козловского от воровской судьбы спасла мама

Filmography externally attractive and internally attractive, in a word, charismatic Danila Kozlovsky now has 42. Graduate of a course of Lev Dodin tried already and as a producer and as a Director. In early may, Kozlowski celebrated his 33 birthday. For this reason, the TV channel “Russia 1” has prepared a documentary film in which Daniel talked about his friends, colleagues, teachers, and himself.

Daniel, is pretty stingy on frankness in interviews and public appearances (unless they relate to a promotion campaign of his works), stridently spoke of a profession, achievements, star disease and a difficult childhood. Parents of the future actor got divorced when he was very young and his mother married again. But the marriage was not truly happy – pretty soon, Nadezhda Zvenigorodskaya was widowed and left with three sons.

This difficult period for his family in detail remembered Danila Kozlovsky. The actor admitted that he and his brothers Ivan and Egor were the real bullies and even hunted theft. It is unknown what would have been the fate of Daniel, if not for his mother.

“These tents, which cigarette, chewing gum, chocolate bars were sold, we were robbed quite often. We crazy kids were, mom saved us literally every year. We had a difficult situation, when we had almost no money. My stepdad died Sergei. And we were alone – three boys and one mom. She once again saved the family. Made an unexpected move. We traveled to St. Petersburg, figured out how to make money. My mother, for me an absolute hero… she had the idea of the cadet corps, because who knows where would all this lead…” – said Danila Kozlovsky.
Данилу Козловского от воровской судьбы спасла мама

Daniel, we will remind, at the age of 11 went to study at the Kronstadt cadet corps, after which went crazy competition (over 200 people) and became a student of St. Petersburg state theatre Academy. He studied acting-directing course of Lev Dodin, the system of teaching in ways similar to the military. “I changed one system to another,” says Daniel now. Many colleagues Kozlowski, and the actor himself believe that one of the main qualities that help him to achieve success is the high degree of organization. Now Kozlowski says that perhaps would not have assumed it without going through many trials.

“Discipline is your inner code, which you have no right to violate a Charter. For example, I don’t allow myself to come drunk to the platform or unfamiliar with the text,” – said the actor.

Danila Kozlovsky – without exaggeration the star of the cinema and theatre professional who has achieved success, recognition of colleagues and critics. True, some of his senior colleagues are genuinely worried for the actor, asking one question: what’s next? “Well, 42 of the film in 32 years! I have over 57 years – about the same. Daniel today is absolutely an outstanding person. For it is very scary because I don’t really understand, and then what?” asks Oleg Menshikov.