Данила Козловский кардинально изменил имидж
The actor has decided on a change in appearance.

Danila Kozlovsky


In life Danila Kozlovsky big change: actor
decided to change, become already habitual for it, the macho image. For
the last few years, one of the business cards of Daniel was his careless
vegetation on the face. However, at the time of filming projects, the actor got rid of
brand bristles, but then again invariably came back to her. So, the audience who came
on the show “Big dream of an ordinary man” was much surprised when
Kozlowski appeared on the scene in a new image.

Now Daniel — the owner is not only clean-shaven
face, but also super short haircuts. In this form, many initially didn’t even recognize
the actor appeared on the scene. However, in General, the fans reacted to changes in
the appearance of the actor positively. This is not surprising because new haircut and lack of
beards are unlikely to deprive Daniel of his natural charm and talent. By the way, the concert
it was a great success: fans bombarded Kozlovsky in it
his own words of gratitude.

Earlier, Kozlowski proved himself as an exemplary son, congratulating his beloved mother happy birthday for the whole country. By the way, it is possible that the son of actor will soon have another cause for celebration. More recently, he ceased to conceal his relationship with Olga Zueva, which is now on the social events is as his bride.

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