Danila Kozlovsky created his own version of the alphabet

Данила Козловский создал свою версию азбуки The actor along with his brother decided to bring to life old ideas. They invented a unique educational project that can help children learn the alphabet. The star was attracted to the creation of programs of many well-known friends, whose support was very helpful.

      Daniel and Egor Kozlovskii have carefully developed your future project. And now very soon they will introduce the General public “Reading 2.0”. Brothers from the beginning have divided responsibilities among themselves. Egor is itself the Creator of the program and its immediate producer, and Daniel took over the financial side of the issue, and has also attracted celebrity friends in the face of colleagues Elizabeth Boyarsky, Gennady Khazanov, Ekaterina Volkova, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan of such artists as Leonid Agutin, Alena and Polina Gagarina.

      “Viking” with Kozlowski promises to surpass “Game of thrones”

      At first glance, the project is not different from many other educational works. However, the key feature of this alphabet is that it is presented together with the modern technology of “augmented reality”. Progressive designs allow you to turn the Handbook now interactive miracle. When the smartphone’s camera to the page of the alphabet, the picture comes alive, and begins to broadcast short film.

      Besides the fact that the film lasts a few minutes, he will still be soprovojdaetsya music and voice of the speaker, who read different poems. It should be emphasized that all presented in the “ABC 2.0” works are unique. They worked Kirill Manakov and Sophia Uskova. So the kids still managed to animate the pictures in the book, Danila Kozlovsky had to involve specialists from the company Devar Technology, based on the creation of printed materials with “more reality”.

      It is important to note that the book launch will take place on December 17. As once said by the actor, the money raised from sales will be donated to a charity that assists children suffering from the disease of a butterfly. This diagnosis babies, whose skin is so sensitive that any contact with other people they can get injured.