Danila Kozlovsky can’t forget about the filming of “the Viking”

Данила Козловский не может забыть о съемках «Викинга» Film starring the famous actor is one of the most anticipated films of December. Kozlowski remembers that while working on the film he had a hard time. However, he considers the project one of the most powerful cinematic experiences.

      29 Dec fans of historical films will appreciate the new Director Andrei Kravchuk’s “Viking”. Danila Kozlovsky played Prince Vladimir, a key figure in the history of Russia. According to the actor, it was difficult to play a great ruler, and during the film he was expecting trouble. Trailer for “the Viking” has caused controversy in the Network

      From the start of shooting picture actively discussed in the Internet and waited for the appearance of the first frame with the characters. Producer Anatoly Maksimov has noted that the film will be able to compete with foreign historical movies. “We wanted to make an interesting picture, lively, almost documentary – but telling our story. As a basis we took the “Tale of bygone years”. Many people think that Russia began with the Empire in the eighteenth century, and before that was just epic… Our tape will allow you to dive into the depths of his past,” – said the participant of the shooting process.

      Danila Kozlovsky is also recognized that this project will be remembered by him for long, as he previously never took part in such paintings. “Shooting has made me the strongest impression! “Viking” is one of the most powerful cinematic experiences of my life. In every sense – from the role, character, ending with the most seemingly simple production issues. Although the word “just” in this project is irrelevant. This is one of the most difficult films in the artistic sense, and in technology,” said the actor.

      According to the artist the role of Prince Vladimir, the whole team has had to face difficulties. The actor literally risked his life when he had to be in the frame during a hurricane and also play a number of scenes through the pain and exhaustion.

      “We were almost carried away, but we continued to work, as we understand: is it necessary to remove it today! For two weeks we worked, when we poured from hoses, and at some point was ready to give up… And once the decorations caught on fire – thank God I saw, I managed to put out. Blood, dirt, sweat – weight is not the most pleasant memories… But now look back with gratitude: it was cool, I’m happy that I had to go through that,” shared experience Kozlovsky.

      Speaking to reporters from Nakanune.tv the movie star said that special attention the filmmakers paid to the costumes of the actors and their makeup. Thanks to the specialists of the team, “Viking”, Daniel was better able to transform into ancient Prince.