Danila Kozlovsky and his brother formed the alphabet of the new generation

Данила Козловский с братом создал азбуку нового поколения
The actor helped Greg to bring to life the book of the future.

Danila Kozlovsky

Photo: PR Agency “Sarafan”

Danila Kozlovsky along with his brother Greg organized a unique educational
the draft preschool learning “ABC 2.0”. Egor was the Creator and producer
books, and Daniel helped to make it a reality, not only investing, but also
connecting to the creation of the alphabet of his friends: Elizabeth Boyarsky, Leonid Agutin,
Polina Gagarina, Ekaterina Volkova, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, and many others.

The main “trick”
book — the illustrated ABC complements the technology “augmented
reality”, which turns the book into an interesting interactive toy. If
the picture point the camera of your smartphone or tablet, the screen is static
the picture “alive”, short cartoon shows, the music, and the voice
the announcer reads the poem.

Poems specially
for “ABC” wrote Kirill Manakov, illustrations drew Sophia Uskova, and
“revive” the characters the animators and IT professionals from the Studio Devar. As
“speakers” reading poetry to children, by the Russian star.

the educational project will take place on 17 December. In the framework of the books will be
donated to the charity Fund “B. E. L. A. butterfly Children”.

very vulnerable and sensitive skin, like a butterfly’s wing. Any careless
touch may cause the child pain and leave open wound.
Therefore, we ask you to be careful and cautious when dealing with
“the butterflies”. They can be photographed, to play, to talk and
to take video. Like all children, “butterflies” need to communicate and
attention, only in a more careful and accurate.