Daniel Radcliffe told us that he spent millions from the “Harry Potter”

Дэниел Рэдклифф рассказал, на что потратил миллионы от «Гарри Поттера»

After the release of the first film about Harry Potter starring woke up famous. What is the glory Daniel Radcliffe knows from childhood. As well, what a huge fees too.

Eight films in which Radcliffe has turned into a magician and student of the school of Hogwarts, he received millions in royalties. What is the fate of these millions? Did during this time Radcliffe to pull the entire earned amount? He told about it to journalists Belfast Telegraph.

As it turned out, Radcliffe is a very considerate guy, not a spender. The money he paid for the filming of “Harry Potter,” he still keeps in the Bank, only occasionally “pulls” out a small amount of everything you need: “”In fact, I’m not doing anything with the money. I am grateful that I have them, because it means you have nothing to worry about – and to have such freedom great. Besides, money gives me freedom in terms of a career.”

By the way, as Radcliffe at the moment is about 90 million.