Daniel Radcliffe told about the most shameful moment of my life

Дэниел Рэдклифф рассказал о самом постыдном моменте своей жизни

Stars are people too, and from time to time they also find themselves in awkward situations, which I’m ashamed to mention even in private.

About a similar incident told the other day Daniel Radcliffe.

The star of the franchise “Harry Potter” admitted that he was in a very unpleasant situation at the age of 17. It was then that the adaptation of the books by JK Rowling was at the peak of popularity.

Radcliffe said that he relaxed with a friend at the bar and was about to leave, but something detained him. A Daniel blocked the road…then he was approached by a girl and addressed him with the phrase, “may I?..”.

“I have decided that she wants to get an autograph or take a picture, and said that in a hurry and I’m going. To which she replied that just tries to get away, and asked could I give her the road,” said Radcliffe.

As recognized actor, then he wanted to just sink into the ground, because he thinks he’s a superstar and the thought that everybody around knows who he is.

Since then, the actor made it a rule to listen first request the people accessing it entirely.